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Simmple Security

This page is designed to provide people, especially our customers, and visitors with some advice about keeping secure when using the Internet. And providing information on telephone calls.

E mail


With the exception of invoices, we don't attach files to emails, unless previously agreed by both parties.
Invoices will always be sent as PDF files, if it isn't a PDF, don't open it.

Virus Check

Always virus check any attachments or files you have downloaded from one of our websites.
Better safe than sorry.

Phone Calls

If you are in doubt about a call supposedly from us, then take the persons name and which Simmple Group company they are calling from.

  • Then either call the company on the number listed on the relevant website, which can be found on the Simmple Group homepage
  • Or call the Simmple Group directly, and give the name of the caller you where given, and which Simmple Group company they where callng from. We can then put you through to the right person.

Phone Call DON'T s

  • Give your password to the operator. Simmple Group company operators will already have access to your account information.
  • Give your credit card details to the operator. None of the Simmple Group companies currently provide phone payments.